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A guide for the young employee

By Jared Louw (Sponsored by MSC Business College)

I recently realised that I’d reached the 10 year mark in my employment career. Whether I’ve been a success or not, is all relative and up for debate. However, what isn’t debateable is just how much I’ve observed and learned over ten years. Most of this learning has happened the hard way, as it usually does, but I’ve also been fortunate enough to observe superiors who have set great examples in different ways. I’ve also been fortunate to have made mistakes. I say fortunate, because without these mistakes, real learning would never happen. Learning and development is never a straight line, but rather a jagged zig zagged line of error and modification.

Over the past few years I’ve had the chance to work with or observe a number of young employees, many of whom have left me feeling some degree of disappointment in how they’ve conducted themselves. In these times I’ve often wished that I could spend more time with each and every one of them, in order to offer some advice and encouragement. Seeing young people succeed is something that is really important to me. Young professionals doing well in their chosen fields is not just beneficial to them, but to their families and greater communities as well.

With this in mind, in an effort to give back, I’ve put together what I view as the 9 ACTIONS TO UP YOUR GAME – a guide for the young employee.


A common, continual problem facing employers and new graduates alike is the lack of hands-on skills and work readiness in graduates freshly exiting tertiary education. This problem exists on varying levels of education and across the full spectrum of business career paths and industries. As most of us know from experience, the first two aspects employers look at in graduates is qualifications and experience. Although the qualification may be newly obtained, the experience is often lacking from graduates.

Traditional tertiary education is very often out of touch with the realities of the workplace. The theory is taught with little emphasis on how it is applied. Engineering and Trade tertiary education has been significantly more successful in putting out graduates who can seamlessly flow into the actual workplace. However, business tertiary education is still largely guilty of not incorporating a practical component to the theory.  Whilst workplace experience is a critical component and a pre requisite from accrediting bodies in the training process, the reality is; that it is not possible to assist all students in this regard. This is due to the high number of students within all tertiary institutions as well as the unwillingness of business to accommodate them.

Choosing a college that is optimal for you.

So you may be wondering what you are going to do with your future. Should you study further or maybe take a gap year or look to enter the working world?

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