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Public Relations & Marketing Management

Public Relations & Marketing Management

What is Marketing, Public Relations (PR) and Advertising, and why is it such an important component of our everyday life? Wherever you look, there is some form of promotion, billboard or flyer being handed out. In an effort to gain competitive advantage and set itself apart, many companies (and even well-known celebrities) hire Marketing, PR and Advertising companies to promote them in the public eye.

In an ever increasingly competitive marketplace, companies are on the continuous lookout for unique and exciting ways to sell their products, and differentiate themselves from the competition. Marketing, PR and Advertising are all tools used by companies, often employing agencies, to increase sales and improve clientèle.

Marketing is usually focused on one product or service and entails a wide array of activities. These include market research and finding out what the customer needs are, their expectations, and how these expectations can be met. It also includes analysing and understanding the competition to improve on existing products.

Marketing can be seen as the promoting and selling products and services in order to influence and attract customers. Many companies use direct marketing to establish personalised relationships with consumers via direct mail, telemarketing or personalised e-marketing.

Public Relations refers to the activities done to ensure that the company has a good public image. Various forms of media are used to conduct PR activities, including television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

PR involves the management of a company and individual’s reputation, with the aim of gaining favour and support, as well as influencing opinion and perception. This may include media campaigns and celebrity endorsements.

Advertising entails the promotion of a company, product of service in the form of signs and billboards, commercials, print ads, brochures or pamphlets and direct mailing. Effective advertising can have a direct impact on revenues of companies – if an advert catches the eye of consumers, and relates to them in a way in which they can visualise how the product will make a difference in their lives, it will almost certainly result in a sale of the product, which at the end of the day, is the key purpose of the advert.

Advertising is utilised by retailers and companies to get a message to existing and potential clients, and in turn increase profits and patronage. It is a creative and fast-paced industry that uses various media, including television, print and radio amongst others to motivate people to buy products and generate an interest in the company.

The competition between companies, large and small will always be there.  Hence, the need for marketing, PR and advertising campaigns will always be there. The opportunities for young, creative and talented individuals are excellent, provided you are willing to work long hours and adhere to tight deadlines.


MSC Business College offers industry endorsed Public Relations and Marketing related programmes as an option for candidates who wish to follow a career in the marketing, PR and advertising field.

Who should be interested?

  • Candidates with excellent communication skills
  • Candidates who have the ability to work under pressure
  • Candidates who are able to multi-task and must be an analytical thinker

Possible career opportunities

  • Client Liaison Officer
  • Communication Assistant
  • Public Relations Assistant
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Sales Representative
  • Marketing Research Assistant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product / Brand Manager
  • Marketing Communications Practitioner